Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton!

One thing that Hillary Clinton accomplished in her presidential campaign and her follow-on speech at the Democratic National Convention was to earn respect from previous naysayers. Even many who disagreed with Hillary before on her support of the war and her aggressive campaigning came around in the end and grudgingly agreed that she made an incredible speech at the convention and she fell into step to support the Democratic party. She took the high road, although she must have been incredibly disappointed.

Here's a wonderful post in tribute to Hillary's birthday at

Hillary's far from perfect, but no one can argue with the huge amount she has accomplished and countless obstacles she has overcome in her 61 years. She deserves to sit back and be proud of the legacy she will leave for our daughters.

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  1. I age 61, I hope she doesn't sit back and be proud! We really need her powerful voice in the congress and in the world! Mom