Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally, a Prominent, Respected Public Figure Says Out Loud...

The real question is not if he is a Muslim or not, but what if he were a Muslim? "Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in America?" Our country was founded on the principles of religious tolerance. Why have we strayed so far away from that?

That's a rhetorical question...I realize that even before 9/11, Americans wouldn't accept the concept of a Muslim president (and I have to confess that I would have misgivings, too, for similar reasons I was uncomfortable with an Orthodox Jewish VP or a Mormon president...namely all of those religions' treatment and lack of equality for women). However, I do empathize with all of the United States' Muslim citizens and residents. What must it feel like, to be living in a country that supposedly espouses religious freedom, and to have one's religion constantly treated as a pariah?

So I'm glad that Colin Powell said it out loud.

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