Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cindy McCain Has Gone Toxic (which I just noticed has changed its title to "We're Voting for That One"--love it!!) has a great post about her decision to go nasty.

I'd been thinking about blogging about Sarah Palin's frequent reference to her son deploying to Iraq (pronounced EYE-Raq). She speaks of his deployment as such a badge of honor and pride, with no apparent fear or misgivings about sending her son off to war. I'm not implying that she should not be proud of her son...but how must he feel to see her gleefully announce his deployment, without expressing any fears for his safety or sadness about his departure?

As the mother of three sons, I'm absolutely terrified at the thought that we could still be at war in 6, 13, and 16 years, when each of my sons come of age. If one of them were deploying to active duty, I would be petrified and would do everything I could to keep them from going. Or if I couldn't stop them, I would choke up like Joe Biden did when he talked about his son on the verge of death in the hospital.

And now Cindy McCain is saying that Obama has no understanding of what military families feel to send their sons and daughters off to war? Obama is trying to put an END to the war and bring the soldiers home, Cindy, not extend it for 100 years like your dear husband.

The thought of John McCain winning this election sends panic through my veins. I do not envy the next president having to deal with the failing economy and the never-ending war. But I would damn well rather have someone with Obama's integrity, compassion, passion for justice, and wisdom in charge than a trigger-happy, swaggering, bully like McCain. With his sidekick, Sarah Palin, who is excited about sending her son off to war!

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