Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday #44: Part 2

I took the day off from work to celebrate my birthday properly. Fortunately, both Mike and I (and all of our children) believe in celebrating birthdays...not everyone does!

The day started with a visit to Grand Central Bakery for one of their yummy cinnamon rolls and Stumptown coffee. After that, Mike, Nicholas, and I went to the Portland Chinese Garden for a brief visit. It's a beautiful oasis in the middle of the Pearl District and Chinatown in downtown Portland. It's been there for 5 years or so, but yesterday was my first-ever visit! I'll definitely go back soon!

One of my favorite things about the garden were the intricate, pebble-laid pathways, in different patterns all over the garden.

N. and I by the waterfall...the garden has one waterfall, but upon passing by it again via another curving pathway, Nicholas exclaimed with glee: "ANOTHER waterfall!!"

My sweet boys looking for fish
Lotus blossoms--which have a special significance for me--before we had children, we called our hypothetical child "Lotus Blossom"--not sure where that came from!

Then we came back home to meet Kieran at the school bus stop...I had lunch, and then I went off for a solo shopping trip to swanky Bridgeport Village. (Got all my Christmas shopping done for England and Australia, so we can get the presents in the post!)
After that, I went to my first fused glass class at the SUN Community School. Mom was also able to get into the class. I think it will be really fun...it is a six-week series through November. Last night we made a garden ornament as a test project. I did a ladybug...hope it turns out okay.
Then we went to meet Mike and the boys at neighborhood favorite, Marco's, for dinner. (My dad wasn't able to join us because he had a meeting at their house.) (In case you're wondering, I had Kirsten's scramble--eggs, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic--and a glass of red wine! I love breakfast for dinner!)
N. opening one of his birthday presents from England--two double-decker buses, one from England and one from Ireland--he loved them!
Finally, we came home and Mike presented me with cheesecake with candles!
My present from my family was prerequested: tickets to two of my favorite musicians, (1) Dar Williams later this month, and (2) Joan Baez in November. Both concerts will be at the Aladdin Theater, one of my favorite venues because it is very intimate.

The kids were very happy to see their grandparents again!

N. eating cheesecake in his Halloween costume!
All in all, a very satisfying birthday! My kids couldn't understand why I was not having a party...but I told them I'd wait for next year...the big 45!!

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