Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And in My Administration, We Will Have Beautiful Stamps!

One thing I have learned since marrying an Englishman and living abroad: U.S. postage stamps are pretty boring. Sure, occasionally we have nice ones like this series:

Or like this one:

But really, how often do you see anything very unusual and aesthetically pleasing on a piece of U.S. mail? The U.S. Post Office actually publishes and distributes some really nice-looking stamps, as I discovered when I googled them; however, how often do you see these stamps?
In contrast, the British Royal Mail has an amazing number of gorgeous stamps available. Mike's been collecting what they call "First Day Covers" for eons--he has loads of books chock-full of them back to when he was a child.
I'm not much of a "collector" myself. As a girl, I used to collect stationery, and at one point I had more than 100 varieties...but I used the stationery. I suppose I collect books, interesting mugs, and CDs, but I get rid of them if I don't use them any more. Personally, I don't see much point of collecting something that is going to sit in the closet in a book.
But. I do enjoy seeing some of these beautiful stamps that arrive on a monthly basis. Here is the current series, honoring women pioneers:

I'm hoping that in an Obama administration, we will have more beautiful stamps! Tee hee! :)

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