Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Say No to Sarah!

What would a day be without a gratuitous blog post about what has become my #1 most-blogged about topic?

I just discovered this GREAT song via Momocrats.com (lyrics below)--really makes me want to go back to songwriting!!!

And while we're at it, check out this great article on Salon.com about the "Palin Pity Party."

Say No To Sarah
By Linda Chorney

You can see Russia from your yard like I can see Australia from my toilet
That must be quite a prescription
You put your jet on ebay and through in your integrity
For incentive so nobody bought it
Thanks but no thanks building your lies to nowhere

Real ladies burn their bras not their books
I may wear lipstick and a little mascara, but I'm saying no to Sarah

You scare the crap out of me with your warped philosophies
And ideals what century do you think that you're in
Yeah God's plan was to send the troops to Iraq
Like Peter Pan's was to put you on the ticket

And if its all God's plan then dammit
God must have wanted gays on the planet
And condoms, oxycontin , and cancer you seem to have all the answers
SO why do you suppose God would have also had on his agenda
Flying 2 planes into the World Trade Center

Thanks but no thanks building your nonsense to nowhere
Ladies protect your sons and daughters
While they still have a choice to wear lipstick and mascara
Say no to Sarah

I eat arugula three times a week
I've been to 46 countries not including refueling
I can barely see New York from Jersey
Who do you think you're fooling?

Is half of America dumb enough to believe this excuse for a leader
Don't let her rape you of your freedom
And get stuck with this unwanted child to be released in the wild
Teaching creation instead of evolution causing more pollution
4 more years isnt the solution

The thrill of the the drill the rush of the kill
Polar bears hide away until election day
Time to get up and say
Thanks but no thanks to your delusional bridge to never never land
I've got no faith in your construction

Please oh please be cautious the gal makes me really nauseous
She's a weapon of mass destruction
The thought of her as VP is insane
She wears a burka on her brain
You don't belong on Capitol Hill try Mockingbird Lane

This is no witch hunt
You're just a country's nightmare
I'm no politician, I'm just a musician
Hoping and a wishing
That fellow women's intuition
Make the logical decision
And say no to Sarah
Mr McCain I've seen you on Jon Stewart and you don't seem that bad
But you're the same age as my Dad

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