Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Not an Advocate for Special Needs Children!

Yes, me again...still obsessed with the election coverage. Soon I will get back to blogging about books, kids, and other thoughts. As soon as my life returns to normal?

For now, here's this tidbit: Sarah Palin, the supposed advocate for special needs in the White House, slashed funding for special needs kids programs by 60% in one year. No big surprise. I actually laughed when I heard that in her speech.

The latest unexplicable piece in her background is that she took 6 years to finish college and she attended five different schools!

She also talks about her reformer skills, even though her state is the biggest recipient of pork barrel earmarks in the union, and she clearly loves them.

I did listen to her speech last night--Mike told me he wasn't going to but then he ended up not being able to stay away. She is clearly an effective speaker and teleprompter reader. She's a natural, self-described pit bull in lipstick.

Her speech was full of lies and slander about Obama and others (what kind of person slams a community organizer????) and lacked substance entirely. Check this out to see what Obama actually accomplished as a community organizer at the ripe young age of 23.

And excuse me, but who created the mess we have in this country today? The Republicans are blaming it on the "liberals," but who's been in the White House and has been running the Supreme Court for the past 8 years???? Conveniently forgotten.

She attacked Obama for saying different things to working people's faces and behind their backs (the unfortunate comment about religion and guns); however, how about all of the hypocrisy and lies she is full of? She can get up in front of millions of people and say with a straight face that she is a reformer, when she's even less authentic than McCain!

I have read a few encouraging articles that Palin's negative speech is actually attracting Obama supporters. I do hope that it mobilizes people to work even harder to get Obama elected!!

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