Thursday, September 25, 2008

On Bob the Builder, Fresh Tomatoes, and Unsuspecting Democrats

It's that time of the year again...time to exchange the spring/summer clothes for the fall/winter clothes...sigh! This is quite a chore in a house of three boys...because of course I have boxes and boxes of hand-me-downs to wade through (plus some from my sister for Nicholas). Then there's my own clothing to transfer out. Mike doesn't do his seasonal swap until he's freezing cold in the winter, or boiling hot in the summer. He prides himself on putting it off as long as he can!

I found Kieran's hand-me-down Bob the Builder overalls, which excited Nicholas to no end. Of course, being who he is, Kieran insisted that they would fit him and he wanted to keep them! I humored him and let him try them on...amazingly, he was able to put the shirt on. The pants ended up being shorts, and he wasn't able to fasten the overalls...and he admitted they weren't very he guessed I could give them to Nicholas...

Here is Kieran wearing the same overalls on his 2nd birthday, his "Bob the Builder" party, with his Grandpa Bob, the Builder:

Mike is taking K and N to the grand opening of the new Bob the Builder exhibit at the Oregon Children's Museum tomorrow, so Nicholas is all ready with his B the B duds! I find B the B similar to Thomas the Tank Engine...not terribly exciting to me...but at least Bob has a female sidekick (Wendy).

Doesn't he look ready for school, complete with Bob the Builder backpack!!?? He LOVES to have his photo taken.

This is a not-very-good photo of the beautiful tomato, basil, cheese, and kalamata olive salad my lovely husband made last parents are traveling in England and Ireland this month, so we've been gobbling up their yummy garden-fresh tomatoes! Delicious!!

When I returned home from work last night, Kieran informed me that he was going back into the bathroom to "make myself beautiful." This was the result--isn't he a beauty? :)

Sometime after dinner, all of his clothes came off. He's a bit of a nudist, our Kieran. Neither Mike nor I grew up in a family where people ran around without their clothes on--maybe it had to do with the mixed-gender children, or perhaps the generation. I suppose I'm still quite modest myself. But my children aren't!
As Mr. 5-year-old was running around without a stitch on, an unsuspecting Democratic National Committee fundraiser came to our door, perhaps encouraged by the Obama-Biden yard sign out front. As Mike came into the house to consult with me on the amount of money we should give, Kieran entertained our poor young college student...who gently suggested that maybe he should go put some clothes on. Poor kid! (I mean the college student!) We finally convinced Kieran to go put some clothes on, and he returned in this getup:

Yes, boxer briefs and necktie. I've never seen anything quite like it.

I'm not sure what the guy thought after that. Well, at least he got his money!
As he saw me taking Kieran's photo, Nicholas had to get into the act as well, with wand:
Not to be outdone, he had to flash a little skin as well!
I think it's time to train Mr. K. not to traipse around naked, don't you?

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