Friday, September 26, 2008

A Nostalgic Look Back at My First Vote for President

I just discovered this amazing site, run by the Museum of the Moving Image, which tracks presidential campaign commercials back to 1952! How far we have fallen.

Back to fall 1984. I was a junior at Pacific Lutheran University and my friend Kristin and I were already ardent Democrats. We waited in line for hours at the Tacoma Dome to hear Geraldine Ferraro speak. The crowds were so massive (apparently she drew a crowd of 12,000, according to an article in the Seattle PI), and I so short, that I didn't actually get to SEE her...only hear her. I was thrilled to be able to cast my first vote for a presidential ticket with a woman for VP. How tragic that it didn't happen again until 2008, and even though I've questioned much of Ferraro's behavior in the past year, Ms. Palin, you are no Geraldine Ferraro.

Two hard-core, nerdy Young Republicans on the first floor of our small dorm began to target us for our political beliefs and declared all-out war on us. We had "KGB-approved" stickers slapped on our room doors (I'm sure my conservatish roommate was horrified!), regularly received taunts, and one day they even rigged an album cover full of flour to explode when I opened my room door in the morning. We had to get the ineffectual hall director to intervene, who called a not-very-successful mediation. I can't even remember the boys' names, but I will never forget what they look like. No doubt they work for the Eagle Forum or FOX News now.

Mike cast his first vote in the presidential primary this May, and will get to vote in his first general election in November. Who did you first vote for? Here's a nostalgic look back on the first vote I cast...and the innocence of those days of 1984:

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  1. Hi,
    I found this entry through feministe and I simply dorked out. Mainly, for the fact that you went to PLU and had the experiences you did. I'm currently a PLU student and we still have the same stuff going on on campus. Yay.