Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mommy Has Gray Hair!

This morning right before Chris went off to the bus stop and I was getting ready for work, he observed "Mom, from this angle it looks like you have some gray hairs!"

And I told him that yes, indeed, I do have gray hairs.

"No you don't!" He insisted.

I'm not sure whether he thought I might be feeling insulted (I'm not) or it concerns him to think that I'm graying (and getting older). Probably the latter.

But I am actually rather lucky in the gray hair department. I didn't sprout any until I was at least 40, and now as I'm approaching my 44th birthday in a few weeks, I only have a few. It helps to have mousy brown hair to hide the gray strands!!

One of these days I'll have too many gray hairs to hide, and Chris will have to finally admit that I am indeed getting older!

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