Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Week of Kindergarten!!

Kieran started kindergarten this past Monday, with no tears from either him or me! (My eyes watered up when we saw Chris off to kindergarten...I couldn't help but think of him as a tiny little baby lying in his isolette in the NICU...) I've never seen a child so ready for school!

It helps tremendously that Kieran knows his school so well, after Chris just finished six years there. He feels completely at home there. He is an enthusiastic, energetic child at any time, but this week he was practically splitting his seams with excitement...each and every morning!

Here is the obligatory off-to-school first day photo before leaving home (wearing one of Chris' hand-me-down Maplewood shirts):

Chris was happy to visit his beloved elementary school once again (since middle school starts later on). Note the apple in Kieran's hands; last week when I took him to orient with his teacher, we took her an apple from one of our trees. She expressed delight and said that her family all fight over apples, because they love them. As much as it might appear that we are "apple polishers," we are always happy to pass on our plentiful apples! (Okay, maybe we are apple polishers...Mike and I were both teacher's pets as kids...)

Chris was delighted to see his fifth grade teacher in the office and stopped to give her a hug:

And Kieran stopped to pose with the principal we all love:

Ready to begin an exciting day!

The very cool in-class playhouse, which will open in a few weeks...
I thought these school supplies looked so fresh and aesthetically pleasing! They recall back-to-school memories of my childhood!!

Warming up and chatting to his new classmates
Kieran's teacher, Mrs. Lang, welcoming them all to kindergarten
We were so delighted to learn that Kieran would have Mrs. Lang, since she was also Chris' teacher. In a wonderful full circle, Kieran was born when Chris was in Mrs. Lang's class. I remember her having us bring Kieran in a few times as a baby so the class could track his weigh and measurements as part of a math lesson. And now he's her student! Kieran's been telling everyone that he has the best kindergarten teacher in the world!!
The enthusiasm that only a lower-grades teacher has!

When do I get to go to school, Mommy???
Each day when I arrive home, Kieran announces that he's had a GREAT day at school, and he's already made a few friends. He wakes up extra-early every morning and wants to go off to the bus stop right away. (He is taking the bus, as Chris also started doing in kindergarten...much to his delight.) Nicholas, for his part, loves going to the bus stop to drop him off and pick him up with Mike.
In other news, Chris auditioned for a play this afternoon and has received his first call-back (tomorrow afternoon). Two weeks into school, and he's already taking advantage of the great arts opportunities in middle school. Of course, only three boys showed up for the audition so he's bound to get a part. I reminded him of how lucky he is to be a boy, because the arts are so much more competitive for girls!

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