Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boys and Their Forts and Sticks!

Things I didn't know until I became a mom of three boys:

A stick can be a useful implement for just about anything, especially sword fighting.
It's fun to aim for the toilet and miss a little.
What's a brother for if not to tackle?
Laundry baskets are for airplane rides.
It's impossible to have too many books.
It's funny to have screaming contests.
The goal of a bath: end up with more water outside of the bathtub than inside it.
What good is the beach if you do not end up covered in sand (and in the water!!)?
Monsters live upstairs.
One cannot have enough little pieces in a toy (to lose).
Mess? What mess?
Scooby Doo gives 5-year-olds nightmares, but the Wizard of Oz does not.
Sometimes big brothers will read you a story.
Sometimes they will even let you play on their drum set.
If my brother has it, I want it (even if I haven't been interested in it for years).
Whoever gets to Mom first when she comes home at the end of the day wins.
If you are 2 years old and your brother gets to her first, the only alternative is to cry.
Daddies are funny.
Mommies are cuddly and beautiful (or so they tell me) and do not have gray hairs.

Here are some photos of our time on the beach...building forts and covering ourselves in sand. Even though I was not a boy, I loved playing in forts when I was a kid not only boys love that. Although I was not so much into sword fighting with sticks...

Look how tall my little baby is--will pass me up soon!
Gosh, they actually look like they sorta like each other! ;)

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  1. Hi Marie!

    Found your blog! I like this post. There are so many things we learn when we have kids. Perhaps it's because we didn't see ourselves as such when we were little. Now, it's observable. They're such fun, aren't they?