Monday, September 29, 2008

"Bob Builder Coming"

Even though the new Bob the Builder exhibit has officially arrived at the Portland Children's Museum, this is Nicholas' constant refrain: "Bob Builder Coming!"

Mike magnanimously took Kieran and Nicholas to the exhibit on the very first day, last Friday, thinking that he would beat the crowds expected on the "grand opening" day on Saturday. I like to tease Mike that he never expects crowds at any public places...his usual refrain upon driving into a packed parking lot: "Why are there so many people here???"

Kieran crawled through the crowds to get in the front when they were getting ready to open the exhibit...and was spotted by the Children's Museum Board Chair, who asked him to cut the ribbon! Since then, we've had a number of ribbon-cutting reenactments! Yet another member of the family who seems to love the spotlight.

Nicholas especially enjoyed the exhibit, and he and Kieran enjoyed exploring the Children's Museum with our British friend Stephanie and her daughter Natalie.

Waiting in line

Bob the Builder meets Nicholas the Builder

After an encounter with some face paint...with Dizzy

Natalie, Nicholas, and Dizzy

Posing with Wendy

Kieran under all that face paint!

Behind the wheel

Natalie and Nicholas: cute as a picture!

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