Friday, August 1, 2008

Thank God I Never Had a Pink-Loving Daughter...

As a young girl, I hated pink. It was not nearly as prolific as it is nowadays, with pink aisles in the toy stores for girls (gag!), pink clothing everywhere, and Disney princesses swathed in pink frothy dresses.

I do own a few pink items of clothing, but very few...and they are more likely to be hot pink rather than pastel. It's ironic because back in the 80s when it was the in thing to have one's colors done, guess what I turned out to be? A is supposed to be one of my best colors!

I recently went to a lovely (and too-pricey-for-myself) baby boutique to buy two baby gifts for girls, and I decidely steered clear of anything pink. It's not so much the actual color I abhor, but the way it's been connected so definitively with females. I read somewhere that when the color pink started appearing in clothing, people first reacted by saying it looked too masculine because it was too near to red.

That's why it's a good thing I have three boys who generally don't really care what they wear. I buy nearly all of their clothing, and they occasionally express opinions, but they are pretty mild. Don't get me started about the dearth of choices in boys' clothing--that's another rant! If I had a daughter, I could practically guarantee that she would be a pink-loving princess...and then I'd really be stuck.

So why this rant against pink? I just read this blog post on about Dell Computers' new ad campaign--pink laptops for women and girls. Ugh!

Here is the new ad associated with the campaign--because no women would be caught dead with a black, silver, or green computer if she had a choice, right? And I always apply my lipstick before I work on my computer!! Might be time for an e-mail writing campaign to Dell...

I nearly want to hurl my brand-new Dell laptop (a work computer) across the room. Not really. But I'm sure glad we bought a Compaq desktop at home.

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