Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh Damnit--I am So Disappointed in John Edwards!

"I want to see our party lead on the great moral issues — yes, me a Democrat using that word — the great moral issues that face our country," Edwards tells the crowd. "If we want to live in a moral, honest just America and if we want to live in a moral and just world, we can't wait for somebody else to do it. We have to do it." --John Edwards

It's one thing to be unfaithful in a marriage (which I cannot excuse in any circumstance, I'm sorry*), but to be unfaithful while your wife is SICK WITH CANCER???? And while you're running on a platform of restoring morality to this country? And while you are the father of young children?

What is wrong with this man? I am so very disappointed. I sure hope this shines some light on the fact that John McCain has no moral compass...he dumped his first wife for Cindy, who was 17 years his junior.

*This I believe: if you are unhappy in a marriage, get the hell out. Don't stick around and make it far worse by getting entangled with someone else. Do it in the right order! (Edwards probably didn't want to hurt Elizabeth's feelings while she was going through cancer treatment, so he took the chickenshit way out by sneaking around and lying about it...and just postponed hurting her feelings AND HUMILIATING HER IN PUBLIC! Ugh!)

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  1. Paula G. in LesBoisAugust 15, 2008 at 10:55 AM

    You GO girl! That just made me so sick and so angry in so many ways. Grrrrrr.

    If they dig up anything on OBAMA I'm going to move out of the country.