Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life on the Beach

This is the second year in a row I've found a condo on the internet. Last year we stayed in Punalu'u, near La'ie, in a 4th floor corner unit with an amazing view of the ocean. The actual building was a dump, but the condo itself was beautifully decorated.

This time around we are in a 1st floor unit, just steps away from the ocean. The condo is well stocked with boogie boards, beach chairs, mats, towels, and toys. I am loving the ability to go down to the beach with a glass of wine to watch the Oahu sunsets!

Kieran and Nicholas are getting the most out of the beach...Kieran would spend the entire time in the water if he could. Chris, on the other hand, is showing his preteen stripes by wanting to read his book or magazine, or wanting to go back inside to watch the Olympics. I figure it must be his age, because he's the swimmer in the family! I think perhaps he doesn't feel as relaxed swimming in the ocean because of its unpredictability.

Mike's been enjoying the great snorkeling here. I've tried it a few times, too, but I'm less crazy about putting my face in the water with my contact lenses in, and without them I'd be blind! No matter how hard I tighten the mask, water seems to get in.

Beach bum Kieran

Nicholas HATES to wear hats...
so he's probably trying to pull it off in this shot!

The stages of sunset Monday night

Kieran showing off his shark's tooth necklace

A beach seesaw


Enjoying the sunset

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