Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Day in Haleiwa

The last full day we had in our rented condo in Hawaii we spent hanging out. I commented to Mike as we were leaving that next time I want to spend more of my time just hanging out on the beach, and he reminded me that I had also said that last year! Why did I not remember that?

Thursday we spent the morning on the beach and we were especially fortunate to complete our Hawaiian experience by spying not one, but two, giant sea turtles in the ocean. This is always a huge highlight for me during our trips to the North Shore. Typically we have taken a trip to Turtle Beach and have always been able to see turtles, but amidst droves of tourists (including Japanese hauled in via tour bus!). The advantage of going to Turtle Beach is that it's easier to see the turtles...the water is clearer and there are more people trying to see the turtles.

A photo of Turtle Beach (not mine)

This time we saw them right up the beach from our condo...just our family alone. They congregated around the swarms of algae, so it was not very easy to spot them. The kids were thrilled and freaked at the same time. These turtles are really beautiful creatures. I wasn't able to get a photo this year, but the following photo gives you an idea of how amazing these turtles are:

Earlier this year a few turtles were killed in Oahu, illustrating the risks from mixing nature with humans so intimately.

Between turtle spotting, we had a good time swimming and boogie boarding in the ocean. We took a lunch break and checked out Spaghettini, which is owned by Bob and Suzanne, the owners of our condo. The New York style pizza was fantastic! Kieran pronounced it to be "awesome." Nicholas decided he liked the bar seating instead of the table, so he sat all by himself at the bar and ate his pizza!

Waiting for his pizza...

Chris, aka "the bottomless pit"

Getting ready to dig in!

Ignoring the rest of us and enjoying the view from his bar stool!

After pizza, we returned to Aoki's for more shave ice! While Nicholas was napping in the afternoon, I took one final shopping trip through the interesting shops and galleries of Haleiwa.

In the late afternoon, Chris finally connected with Suzanne and Bob's sons and had a great time playing with them. It's too bad they didn't get to hang out earlier in the week, but between their school schedules (they're in year-round school) and our travel schedules, it was not to be.

That evening we enjoyed our last meal out on the beach...grilling our mahi mahi on the barbecue and eating more pineapple rice and stir-fried veggies, followed by Ted's Bakery yummy chocolate and haupia (coconut) cream pie (available at Malana Market in Haleiwa):

There's nothing better than eating dinner right on the beach (at the picnic tables provided), watching the sunset. I could go back right this second!!

View at dinnertime looking out onto the beach

Mike bringing drinks for the kids,
giving you an idea of how close the condo is to the beach!

Final Haleiwa sunset of the week

Kieran decided to go skinny dipping at twilight, joined by Nicholas. I couldn't get enough of swimming in the wonderfully warm ocean...the direct opposite of the Oregon Coast!

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