Monday, August 25, 2008

Chris Sampling Coconut Water

We returned to the Polynesian Cultural Center last Wednesday, because they have a "Free within Three" program that allows you back for a second day within three days. This allowed us to get to the villages we didn't have time for on Monday (Tahiti and Tonga), see the impressive (but depressing) IMAX movie on coral reefs, and return to a couple of favorite shows.

Nicholas and Kieran practicing their drumming skills in Tonga

Here's our experienced drummer at work!

Doing the hula while waiting for a show

Playing the New Zealand stick game--
I'm wary because Nicholas whacked me in the wrist!

The Samoan guy called Chris up out of the audience to sample the coconut water

We thought he was going to hurl!

The tree climbing demonstration--they climb a coconut tree BAREFOOT!

Posing, yet again, with the funny Samoan guy after his show

Another observation about the Polynesian Cultural Center: in spite of its operation by the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), many of the performers are highly suggestive and provocative in their shows...especially the Samoan guy. He was full of flirtatious gestures and comments about his "hotness." He had a real sex appeal about him, and he certainly flaunted it in his words and gestures. Many of the performers flexed their chest muscles lasciviously at times! Very interesting given the conservative nature of the Mormon church.

Since returning from Hawaii, Kieran has been doing Polynesian Cultural Center "shows" nonstop. He twirls around a stick and grunts (for a fire dance), climbs a trunk placed on its side (coconut tree), and pretends to crack open a coconut and drink it...all while he is dressed down to his underpants, to mimic the sarong loincloth worn by the Samoan performer!

Some nature photography in the parking lot!

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