Friday, July 11, 2008

Men Working No Longer

The editor of Pink magazine convinced the City of Atlanta to change its pre-WWII era sexist "Men Working" signs to make them more inclusive and reflect the modern-day work force. What a wonderful example of what good things can come from a letter-writing campaign.

It only cost the city $1,000 to right this wrong.

Way to go! I haven't seen too many of these types of signs around Portland, but I did notice the "Men Below Please Don't Throw" sign on the Sellwood Bridge the other day. As a child I found it hilarious, since it lacked punctuation and seemed to be directed to the "men" below rather than to the people on the bridge. Perhaps I will write a letter to Multnomah County. However, those signs are only one of the things wrong with the Sellwood Bridge!!

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