Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican

Okay, so you know my political stripes. Bear with me for a moment.

Know anyone who is still on the fence, or who is planning to vote for McCain because he's "genuine," "his own man," or a "strong individual"? Or they're confident he'll be different than W?

It continues to baffle me that so many people out there are undecided voters. How can they be undecided between McCain and Obama? If you vote on the issues, there is NO QUESTION. How can people not delineate the difference between the two candidates? I'm convinced that anyone who has not yet made up his or her mind votes purely on personality and who they would rather share a beer with. Or they don't give a flying f__k about the issues (sorry, Mom, Dad, and Chris!). One such acquaintance of mine (a coworker) said that he's liberal on the issues but conservative on economics, so he votes Republican and "holds his breath that they don't destroy the Supreme Court." Uh....hello? Where have you been during the past 8 years???

If you need ammunition with McCain-leaning friends, check out this great blog post, "Johnny Doesn't Know," which outlines a number of murky areas for McCain. Similar to when Ellen asked McCain how he feels about gay marriage, when he's in the hot seat on a liberal issue, he really stumbles. Believe it or not, he actually appears to be dumber than Bush at times. He doesn't know whether condoms prevent the spread of AIDS? The difference between Somalia and Sudan, or Sunnis and Shiites? How can people think McCain would be stronger on Iraq when he doesn't even know how many troops are there??? Or that Iraq doesn't share a border with Pakistan?

And if your friends think that McCain will be anything less than George Bush the III, check out these chummy photos of McCain with his best buddy. I can barely bear to post them on my blog!!!

A vote for McCain is a vote for four more years of Bush. Off my soapbox for this evening...

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