Saturday, July 26, 2008

Enchanting Forest

Last Monday I took a "play day" from work, and we went to a family favorite, the Enchanted Forest, near Salem, Oregon. Enchanted Forest officially opened in 1971, the brainchild of one man and his wife (who are still involved in its operation), and I remember visiting it with childhood friends who lived in Salem. We've been going there for several years now, and I've been wanting to share it with my sister Nadine and her family. Finally, we were able to engineer a day trip there together. My mom came along, too--she had never been to the park either. I believe that she was surprised to discover how much she enjoyed it!

It's a big forested property full of fairy tale adventures, a mock English village and western town, kiddie rides, and a few grown-up ones too. Every summer they have a comedy/musical play, presented three times a day in the theater. They are always very broadly silly and fun, and our kids love them!

We had a great time sharing the Enchanted Forest with Nadine, David, and the boys. It was also Nicholas' first visit there--the last time we went, I was pregnant with him! He too had a wonderful time. Chris enjoyed the thrill rides, but also enjoyed the younger attractions as well.

First arriving in the park and touring through
the fairy tale and nursery rhyme area--
with Humpty Dumpty and Hansel & Gretel's house

Going down the fun slide that comes out of
"The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe"--
We had to literally drag Nicholas away from this!

The cousins arrive! (we drove separately)
Kieran and Chris loved showing them around!

Posing in the Wicked Witch's mouth!
(which is a door into her house,
out of which comes another slide)

Posing in an old wagon in the Western Town
Kieran and Daniel in the bumper boats--
Nicholas was desperate to go on them but was too small

On the kiddie train, the one ride Nicholas COULD go on...

Our nephews on the Frog Hopper!

Now it's Kieran's turn--
he was brave to go on it all by himself!

Photos of the English Village, which has audioanimatronic
English figures shouting to each other across the street
over your heads...

Nicholas loved this little chair he discovered in Pinocchio's play house!

This is a stock photo of the log ride...
I dragged my mom on this because she'd never been on a log flume.
I LOVE these types of rides!!!

Until next year, Enchanted Forest! :)

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