Friday, July 18, 2008

Down-Home Fourth of July in Rockaway, Oregon

The best thing about spending the Fourth of July in Rockaway Beach is attending the very hokey, hometown parade. We sat with our long-time family friends, the Barrett clan (who built a house in Nedonna Beach long before my parents did), and enjoyed watching the rinky dinky floats and family representation. A big part of the tradition is throwing candy to the kids!

Nicholas' favorite part of the parade, hands down, was the many fire trucks!!!

Even though you can't tell that by this photo!!

"Fire truck!!" he says...

Watching with Grandma and Grandpa

Watching with Bruce, Sue, Amy, et al.

A wider-angle photo of the group

I had to capture this one...the Beavers truck, and the driver hanging the stuffed duck out the window...

Only in Oregon...

This guy was one of the most-popular features of the parade--on stilt-jumping shoes!

Here was a big whale float, complete with squirting spout (which squirted upon applause)

Check out this cute little pony!

I thought this car was adorable!

Yet another Beaver-themed truck!

After the parade (the latter of which we were drenched in a torrential Oregon summertime downpour), we returned to the house and Nicholas and I had a nice long nap. Mike took the older boys back into town, and Kieran participated in races and a treasure hunt, during which he found $2, more to add to his Chipmunk fund:

That evening we joined some friends at their house in Manzanita, where we hung out, had dinner, roasted marshmallows, and watched fireworks. Fun!
Here is Kieran with his very spirited face:

Mike enjoyed his first Fourth of July as a true American! :)

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