Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nicholas Kristof Must Be Reading My Blog, Dontcha Think?

In his column today, Nicholas Kristof (love his first name and the fact that he's a native Oregonian son!) urges Barack Obama to give the "sexism speech," similar to the one he gave about racism. (I've suggested this in my blog a couple of times...) It would be a wonderful way to give tribute to Hillary Clinton's campaign and to appeal to the women who have been supporting Clinton. I'll be waiting, Barack the meantime, we continue to get daily phone calls from the McCain campaign!! Today I was going to answer the phone but it disconnected after two rings. Fishy!

In other news, I'm glad to read that Obama has set up a web site to combat all the awful rumors flying around the internet (that he's a Muslim, or that Michelle Obama said "whitey," etc.). One of my frustrations in previous campaigns (Kerry and Dukakis come to mind) is that Democratic candidates do not fight these smear attempts very aggressively or proactively, if at all. I'm glad he's taking a modern, technological approach to this situation, although I also hope he will find a way to reach the unconnected (those who don't get their news via the internet). The web site is very clean and professional. I like this approach.

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