Friday, June 13, 2008

Media Finally Paying Attention to Sexism in the Campaign

On the heels of Nicholas Kristof's article, today's New York Times features an article about the sexism rampant in the campaign coverage...not so much in the regular media coverage, but in the commentaries. Commentators such as Tucker Carlson and Chris Matthews deserve to be censured for their rotten, misogynist, and completely unacceptable digs about Clinton. Now the commentators are turning their spiteful ire to Michelle Obama.

As an American, I do believe in freedom of the press. However, it dismays me that Americans are drawn to this kind of rumor-mongering and hateful discussion.

Perhaps the conservative commentators will all self-destruct, and people will rush to the Democrats as a result of their anger at the media. One can only hope.

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