Sunday, June 22, 2008

Idaho, Part 2--Amazing Coworkers and an Inspiring Leader

Visiting my team members in Boise always makes me appreciate my extreme good fortune in finding the job that I have. My company has a reputation for hiring the most talented engineers, scientists, planners, and technical experts. What some might not realize is that we also hire the most talented, dynamic, and miracle-performing publications specialists in the industry.

It is not an easy place to work, and ours is often a thankless job. We make the consulting staff look good to their clients. In general, they are not required to use us, so we must be experts at customer service, in addition to being detail-oriented, flexible, deadline-driven, and diplomatic experts at our craft.

What makes the stress worthwhile is the quality of the people. I love my coworkers. They are bright, funny, caring, and passionate about their work.

I will never be accused of being a workaholic. Compared to my family and my personal life, my career is on a lower rung on my ladder of priorities. However, because I work with such amazing people, I rarely dread going into work, and I am hardly ever bored.

Our team in Boise is exceptional. Elisa, the operations leader of the group, was one of 50 leaders recognized across the firm with an award for frontline leadership excellence (two of our Northwest Publications leaders were nominated). Last Thursday we threw a little lunch in her honor to celebrate.

I initiated the party, but didn't do much else besides invite people, provide the music (Elisa's favorite, Josh Groban), and show up. My party planners created beautiful posters and props with Elisa's photo; arranged for some artfully displayed, healthy food and sparkling cider; and created a wonderful party atmosphere. We also invited her husband as a special surprise.

Our Boise office has been struck by a horrible wave of cancer incidences. Three of our Boise Publications employees have family members sick with cancer, and a beloved 30-year employee (in IT) is very, very ill with a cancer recurrence. The team--and the office--is in shock, but they continue to support each other through these crises.

Elisa cheerfully wore the tiara provided for the occasion!

Me and Elisa
Three buddies posing--Katie, Janie, and Jen

The whole team, minus Larry (who rushed off on a deadline)

Elisa and her sweet husband, whom she adores (and it's mutual)

The party planners, the party slacker (me!), and the guest of honor

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