Monday, May 12, 2008

My Best Mother's Day Presents

1. Girls' Night Getaway

I spent Friday night at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, celebrating my friend Shelia's 40th birthday. It was a great venue, because the bunk bed rooms are only $44 (including tax!) and there's an onsite soaking pool, theater, and restaurant. We soaked in the pool (see below), had wine and appetizers in our room, listened to some eclectic live music, had dinner in the restaurant, and celebrated Shelia's birthday with cake and prezzies (English for presents) back in our room. Friday night we were nine (seven spending the night), and in the morning, one more joined us for breakfast. As a teenager, I loved slumber parties...staying up into the wee hours chatting and socializing...and this was just as fun. It is always great to spend time with Shelia, who moved to Idaho last fall just after we had become good friends, and the other women she invited were fun as well.

Here's Shelia with her (lovely) cake:

2. "Love You" from Nicholas

I called home Saturday morning to chat with the boys, and Nicholas said "Love you" on the phone. I'm still in awe of having a 1-year-old who can talk, since neither of my older boys talked at this age. Chris didn't talk much until 3, and Kieran until 2. Of course, I cannot get him to repeat this trick, the little stinker. Every time I say "Can you say 'love you'?," he says "Baba!" (which is his name for his brothers), with a cheeky gleam in his eye. He's quite the little joker. A few months ago, every time I would ask him to say "Mama," he would say "Baba"! This morning he said his first three-word phrase: "Bye bye Auntie Deedee," referring to having said goodbye to my sister yesterday afternoon.

3. Mother-Sister Bonding Time

On Saturday afternoon (after spending a few hours with my kiddos in between activities), my sister Nadine and I took my mom to the Barefoot Sage on Hawthorne (tiny photo above) to have foot baths and massages. It was lovely! Then we had dinner downtown at Mother's Bistro, one of my favorite Portland restaurants, where they honor one mother a month by featuring her recipes (in addition to their standards). Here's the three of us after our meal at Mother's.

4. Boys Being Sweet
Chris is generally not that into babies...upon hearing that I was pregnant again and that he would have another brother or sister, his comment was: "Another one??" It's not that he dislikes his younger brothers (except when Kieran's being an annoying little brother!!), but he doesn't really go out of his way to spend time with them...until recently.
Chris and Kieran have started wrestling (Chris is quite gentle with much-younger Kieran), and last weekend when I took all three boys to the zoo, Nicholas insisted on holding Chris' hand wherever they went. I think Chris is finally starting to appreciate the hero worship inherent in being an older brother. Nicholas really adores both of his older brothers, and nothing warms my heart more than seeing them playing together nicely, dancing around the living room, or just hanging out. (The wrestling always makes me nervous, but I try hard to keep my mouth shut for the most part!)
Recently in church, Nicholas has been going up to the Children's Homily with Chris, and they are just so cute together! Chris was doing a valiant job trying to keep Nicholas from scrambling up behind the altar. When my boys are loving to each other, it makes my heart sing. I hope that they will become ever closer through the years, like I feel close to my sister.

5. Time with My Family

We went to my parents' house after church for lunch--my dad had made casserole the day before. Mom, Nadine, and I posed for another photo outside in their backyard:
Shelia tells me that she is jealous because I have a sister, and I remind her that she has daughters while Nadine and I don't. I'm very blessed to have close relationships with my mom and sister, and I hope that my boys and their cousins will remain close as they get closer.
Mike and I often laugh about how much women like to spend endless hours together (girls' night getaways; spa dates; going out to coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.; going shopping; going to the restroom!), and how rarely men do this kind of thing. It makes me glad to be a woman. I can't imagine how lonely it must feel not to have those kinds of friendships.
Nicholas has taken to giving his cousins huge bear hugs. I hope my boys' friendship with their cousins and each other only continues to strengthen as they get older!

Nicholas and Daniel in a bear hug


  1. Oh my heavens! When reading this:

    "Chris is generally not that into babies...upon hearing that I was pregnant again and that he would have another brother or sister, his comment was: "Another one??"

    I thought, for a brief moment, you were expecting again! :)

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