Friday, May 23, 2008

Ellen Quizzes John McCain on Gay Marriage

I never get to watch daytime TV, and I wish that I could at least watch the Ellen show once in awhile...but thank goodness for internet video.

I just discovered (via another blog) this great clip of Ellen DeGeneres nailing it to John McCain. I think she was tremendously courageous to put her life (and love) out there on the line like that, knowing it would fall on deaf ears. She's amazing. I wish I had her chutzpah to challenge other people when they are not being fair or inclusive.

Even though I am no John McCain fan, and I think she really slams him on this one, I've got to admire his willingness to go on her show, because no doubt he must have known that she was going to ask this question. (Unless he's totally clueless!)

But take a look at how he cannot look her in the eye.

Check out this clip.


  1. I like Ellen a lot, I would love to meet her. I also think Ellen did make a compelling argument. I can certainly empathies with her argument that the law makes her (and many others) feel like second class citizens.

    Here is the problem though as I see it. What Ellen is asking for is for the state to go beyond just declaring legal partnerships and declare gay unions as having the sacred status of “marriage”.

    Now this is not to say that there can’t be compelling arguments for why gay unions could not be considered sacred and given the term marriage; I am just not sure that government is really able to mandate any union beyond just it’s legality and declare something “sacred” one way or the other. So perhaps government has over stepped its boundaries by ever declaring any legal union, even heterosexual, a marriage.

    Perhaps the answer is for government to get out of the marriage game all together and declare both homosexual and heterosexual unions “civil unions” and let marriage be determined in the context of peoples various religious and cultural communities.

    This way everyone would have the same legal rights and at the same time allow diverse communities to determine on their own what would constitute sacred and marriage beyond just a legal agreement and partnership; and no one could deny them that.

    Just a thought, I would love to hear your opinion.



  2. I like your solution, James. I support any solution that gets us closer to equal rights for all. Somehow I can't see any of our conservative friends going for this solution though! :)