Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Interesting Perspective about Hillary Staying in the Race

Even though I'm really tired of the mud slinging going on in this primary and have hoped that it would all draw to a close with a candidate whom everyone can support...I also agree with the pundits who have talked about how much criticism Hillary Clinton would endure if she dropped out now.

Remember Pat Schroeder? She cried when she announced that she was not pursuing the nomination. I LOVE Pat Schroeder. I got to see her talk at a Planned Parenthood lunch a few years ago, and if she ran for president, I'd be the first to volunteer for her campaign! At any rate, when she stepped down, she was skewered for not being tough enough to be commander in chief.
Clinton would be faced with the same criticism. Yes, she only has a hope in hell at this point, but stranger things have happened. Chris, for his part, is a big Obama fan, mostly because all the "cool" fifth graders in his class support Obama, and he's a "cool" candidate. Hey--that's probably why a lot of people support him...and in fact, that's how a lot of politicians win elections anyway! Obama and Clinton are so close on the issues, that "coolness" is swinging a lot of votes in Obama's election. (Although he should stay away from the bowling alleys and chocolate shops, where he's not coming across as so hip...)

An editorial in the Eugene Register Guard today makes the case that Hillary's presence in the race is good for Democrats and good for the race, some very thought-provoking points indeed. Although I really still have that idealistic vision of all Democrats unifying behind one candidate and all the hard feelings going away somehow! Probably will never happen. I hope other Democrats feel as I do, that I will support whomever wins the candidacy.

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