Thursday, April 24, 2008

As If You Needed Another Reason to Vote for a Democrat!!!

John McCain Is an
Enemy of Working Women!

In case you missed the news today: last night the Senate failed to pass the Fair Pay Act. And Caveman John McCain, our candidate for the presidency in 2008 (not 1908!!) is clueless about the lives and salaries of working women. He failed to show up for the vote, but voiced his opposition to the Fair Pay Act to the media. He said that instead of legislation allowing us to demand equal pay, women simply need "education and training."

Said by a white privileged Republican who blames the victim for not making as much money as our similarly qualified male colleagues. Said by a senator with only 16 female colleagues who’s completely out of touch with what’s going on in the country. Said in rural Kentucky, where women are mired in poverty because they cannot earn a living wage.

McCain doesn’t seem to realize that women now make up 58% of college graduates and nearly half of the labor force, but still earn less pay for the same work as men. Worse yet, mothers only make 73 cents to a man's dollar, for the exact same job.

Help Send McCain a Message
about Working Women has developed a way to send a clear message to McCain just how qualified we really are. Sign their Petition for Fair Pay and send McCain your resume while you're at it: If your resume's not up to date, you can just send McCain your thoughts on the matter.

Spread the Word!

Got friends and colleagues who are more than well-enough educated and trained to deserve equal pay? Tell them to send their resumes in, too!

By the Way: Your One More Reason to Vote for a Democrat?

Both Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came back from campaigning to speak for passage of the Fair Pay Act and to vote to end the filibuster.

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