Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Healthy Easter Bunny, Church, and Cousins

When I was a child, our Easter egg hunts consisted of REAL eggs and a handful of jelly beans in our Easter baskets. Now Easter has become a celebration of CHOCOLATE. I love chocolate as much as the next estrogen-full human being...but this Easter-chocolate relationship is overdone.

This year our Easter Bunny decided that the kids end up with loads of candy on Easter via the egg hunt after church, not to mention the fact they often receive goodies from Grandma and Grandpa, and he stocked the Easter baskets with fruit snacks (a slightly healthier candy than chocolate) and a small toy and book apiece. The children hunted for the real eggs Kieran had dyed with his grandma. Did we ever hear complaints though!!!

And I come to find out that Kieran had his heart set on some chocolate bunny he had spied in the grocery store. The Hiding-the-Eggs Easter Bunny failed to communicate this fact to the Buying-the-Goodies Easter Bunny. They did indeed end up with plenty of chocolate, thanks to all the goodies they ended up scoring after church. And Kieran got his chocolate bunny, 50% off too! :) Such suckers we are for our children.

The children listening to the children's homily at church

Getting ready to sing

Hunting for eggs (inside, because of the rain)

Once Nicholas got a lollipop,
he wasn't interested in searching for any more eggs or candy!

We continued our usual tradition of taking Easter photos of the boys dressed up in their finery--that's Garrett in the middle, goofing off!

And here's all the cute boys and their parents together on one sofa!

It's almost time for our "lights out" for Earth Hour...the lanterns and flashlights will come on to get the boys into bed.

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