Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Airborne, a Scam?

My mom has always been skeptical of the benefits of the product Airborne. I have been taking it today because I seem to have contracted yet another virus and am praying that it goes away or gets better by tomorrow, when I board a plane for Denver.

I first heard about Airborne from a coworker who travels a lot, and I buy it regularly at Costco and use it whenever I feel a cold coming on.

This just in: Airborne has settled a class action lawsuit, which accused the company of false advertising. Apparently when the company started, it claimed that it could cure a cold in 1 hour! That's preposterous! Basically, it's mega doses of Vitamin C, which of course cannot hurt, but to promise a 1-hour cure? Airborne has scaled back its promises since those initial claims, but the public has bought into the claims anyway.

The company claimed to have tested the product's effectiveness through a double-blind study...but investigators discovered that the research team consisted of a 2-person startup operation, and one of the researchers claimed to have a degree from Indiana University, which proved to be untrue. That fact alone makes me feel cheated.

Have you been shelling out top dollar for Airborne? If so, you are eligible to get your money back! Even if you do not have proofs of purchase (we don't save our receipts for more than 1 year), you can claim your costs for six boxes. Click here to file a claim.

And yes, Mom, you're right.

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  1. SO Sweet to be right! Seriously, I DO take extra Vitamin C when I'm coming down with a cold, just to hedge my bets. Mom