Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February in Florida, Part 2--Sea World

Back to our Florida travelogue. On Monday we went to SeaWorld with Mike's mum. We have always loved Orlando's SeaWorld, because it's a beautifully landscaped park, it has some great animal shows, and they give you your second day free!

They also have a great water slide ride called "Journey to Atlantis." The best part about going to Florida in February was that we didn't have to wait for this ride! I could have gone on it over and over again, but I had to make do with about five times that week. One of us needed to stay with the kids (who delighted in watching the ride, and Kieran in standing in the "splash zone" and getting wet), so we had to take turns. Chris didn't quite get his courage up to go on it on Monday, and by the time we returned on Friday, he had the beginnings of what would turn out to be the 2-week family virus season...and he did not feel up to going on rides. Anyway, I LOVED Journey to Atlantis--I could go on water rides all day long.

Journey to Atlantis

This is from the whale and dolphin show, which was simply amazing...and Nicholas' favorite.
He began saying "dolphin" after seeing this show.

Going on a ride in "Shamu's Happy Harbor," which Mike avoided because
it involved lots of spinning around!

Going on the beautiful fish-themed carousel

Kieran on the carousel, which he rode three times!

Posing for a photo with Shamu on our second day there

Getting ready to watch a show

Nicholas is the biggest animal lover in the family, and he loved Sea World! There was more for him there than the Disney parks, which appealed more to the older kids.

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