Friday, October 12, 2007

Doris Lessing Wins the Nobel Prize

As only the 11th woman in history to win the Nobel Prize, 88-year-old Doris Lessing certainly deserves the attention and accolades she is receiving in her advanced age.

I was first introduced to Doris Lessing in my Feminist Theology course, taught by Rev. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown at Pacific Lutheran University in 1985. The first book I read was The Golden Notebook, a ground-breaking novel first published in 1962 and an inspiring piece of work in the burgeoning feminist canon. As an English major and religion minor, I did an independent study course with Dr. Brown where I read a series of feminist spirituality books and discussed and analyzed them through reports and discussions. For this course, I read the entire Children of Violence series.

If I were more organized, I would find my college journals and papers and would be able to share with you my 21-year-old impressions of Lessing's novels. But alas, any organization on my part is all a facade! :) And now that I have three children, I'm afraid that my dreams of organization are fading off into the distance into the far-reaching horizon!

I am pleased that this outstanding, groundbreaking woman writer and scholar (who NEVER FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL and didn't write her first novel until she was 30) has finally achieved the worldwide recognition and notoriety that she deserves.

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