Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Attempts to Remain Wheat Free in Spite of Stuffed Pizza for Dinner!

I've been successfully eating wheat-free for the past four days, in spite of temptations surrounding me. My workplace is full of opportunities to indulge in baked goods or other wheat-laden goodies. But I have continued to stay steady on my course, and my stomach is thanking me.

Yesterday, after a breakfast of Trader Joe's ginger granola (my favorite), a lunch of chicken pho, and a snack of an apple and a clif bar, I returned home to the wonderful smell of pizza baking, and this greeted me in the kitchen:

I know my busy stay-at-home dad husband needs to be able to prepare easy, kid-happy meals, and the kids go crazy for pizza. But I did have to give him a hard time for this one! Fortunately, it was the "meat special," and I generally forgo red meat (although the kids don't) that made it a bit easier to pass up. If he'd ordered my favorite, the Chicken Garlic, it would have been much more difficult to avoid.

The adult dinner was curried lentil soup (prepackaged) and toast. Fortunately, the spelt bread was a different variety, Dave's Killer Bread, and much more palatable than the other brand Mike has bought. I decided to make myself feel better by making myself a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the spelt bread.

I told Mike that the pizza temptation was almost, but not nearly, on a par with the time I came home from the hospital after having had jaw surgery...forced to eat nothing but liquids for 6 weeks, through my wired jaw...and I walked into the house to discover that my sister had made my VERY FAVORITE COOKIES, and I was totally, utterly, physically unable to eat them.

They are called chocolate oatmeal drops, and ironically, I'll continue to be able to eat them in their unadulterated fashion because they do not contain any wheat--hooray! I think I will go home tonight and whip up a batch to make myself feel better!

Okay, so the pizza was not quite as bad as that. I would have been able to eat the pizza, whereas I wouldn't have been able to eat the cookies. But it was a true test of willpower. I won. So perhaps he was (1) trying to test my willpower, or (2) trying to make me succumb so he could be the only nonwheat eater in the household! HAHA! (See Monday's post.)

Just kidding. He was the one who suggested that I blog about this. :)

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