Monday, September 24, 2007

Portland Highlighted as One of Yahoo's Top 10 Green Cities

Yahoo! Real Estate ranks the country’s top 10 green cities, and Portland, Oregon, is listed first. Here’s why Yahoo named it a green place to live:

“Affordable and accessible, this city straddling the banks of the Willamette River has long made sustainable living a priority. More than 30 years ago, with other cities in a freeway-building frenzy, Portland broke ranks and tore down a six-lane expressway to make room for a waterfront park. Since then the city has set an urban growth boundary to protect 25 million acres of forest and farmland, started a solid-waste program that recycles more than half of the city’s trash and erected more than 50 public buildings that meet tough standards set by the United States Green Building Council. One of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S., Portland’s public transportation systems boasts a high rate of ridership. Add in one of the nation’s largest city parks -- the aptly named Forest Park has 74 miles of running, biking and hiking trails -- and Portland’s rep as the nation’s greenest city makes sense.”

Feeling proud to be a Portlander today!

Portlandia--statue in the middle of downtown Portland and symbol of the city

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