Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Perfect Day at the Beach

We spent a few days at the beach last weekend, and had a few perfect Oregon days on the coast...not too hot, not too windy, and not too much rain. Nicholas enjoyed crawling through the sand and napping on Grandpa, while Chris, Kieran, and Mike flew a kite, and Kieran built a beautiful sand castle adorned with tons of oyster shells we found in the shallow surf. Later in the day, Grandpa took the boys on their first fishing trip. Although both boys caught some fish, the trip was not entirely successful, I should add, because Kieran's fish were tiny minnows and had to be thrown back.

Still, overall, it was a lovely, relaxing couple of days.

Loving the freedom!

Relaxing and watching the boys

Chris flying the kite

"Hedwig Resurrected," as we were calling the owl kite...

All that crawling around in the sand tired me out!

Building sandcastles with Grandma

This is the easy way to fly a kite!

Sandcastle Stage 1

Sandcastle Stage 2

Kieran's turn to fly the kite

Getting ready for their first fishing trip

The rugged adventurers!

Chris, who at age 11, has recently discovered a love of jigsaw puzzles!

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