Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Day at the Fair

On Saturday, September 1, we went to the Oregon State Fair. Yes, we were crazy to go on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend! But Christopher requested tickets to the Chris Daughtry concert on Saturday evening, so we decided to make a day of it. In the evening Mike headed home with the little kids to put them to bed, and Chris and I stayed for the concert.

I hadn't been to the fair in years and years, and I happily discovered that it was really fun! In previous years we've been more likely to "do the Puyallup" (as in the Western Washington fair in Puyallup, where my sister and her family live), and I think that there might actually be more to do at the Oregon State Fair.

We went on rides, had a picnic lunch, watched a number of performances (including the amazing hypnotist, Travis Fox), participated in a play (photos below), watched another play, visited the animals, bounced in a bounce house (Kieran, that is), and of course Kieran ate shave ice (which pales in comparison to Hawaiian shave ice...I don't know why he even bothers!).

Chris LOVED the concert...which was fun, but very short. Chris Daughtry (American Idol runnerup) has only one CD out and a fairly small repertoire. I enjoyed spending one-on-one time with my 11-year-old, who kept telling me that it was the best birthday present ever.

Next year I'm determined to go to the fair on a weekday, however... :)

Me on the hang glider ride--fun! And not nearly as scary as the wild swing ride, which went really high and fast, and freaked me out a bit when I realized I was being hurled over the fair at top speeds and was only suspended to the ride by two chains!! (see below) I'd been on similar rides before and had been fine, but this one was much higher and faster.

Kieran and Mike on the fire engine ride

Chris decided to opt for the tamer kiddie swing ride instead of the big one--smart choice, as I later discovered!

Kieran taking a canoe ride

I couldn't resist asking these young women to pose with my own lovable Chris!

Posing with a friend

Nicholas enjoying a hip-hop break dancing show

Mama and baby lamb

My animal lover

Chris (above) and Mike (below) participated in a play by the Middle Earth Theater Players: The Burgermeister of Nuremberg. Chris was a knight, and Mike was a burger! Kieran--our little dressup king--surprisingly elected to be an audience member instead.

With good ol' Smokey the Bear

With the players of "The Emperor's New Clothes from The Enchanted Forest

Waiting for Chris Daughtry to make his appearance

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