Friday, August 31, 2007

My Growing Boys

As I blogged earlier, my eldest son turned 11 on August 23, and my youngest son will turn 1 on Sept. 4. We celebrated Christopher's birthday with an "America's Got Talent" party with several of his friends--it was a hoot! It's obvious that he's getting older because he actually invited two girls!

Christopher's 11th birthday!

We had a cello solo, a piano solo, a knock-knock joke performance, two "dances," an original song, and an original, impromptu skit. Three of the kids got stage fright--totally understandable--but they received awards for "best audience members." Each of the kids got a trophy. Very fun!! I also had a craft project for them instead of a goody bag--I'd bought CD cases and pens for them to decorate them...and they all dove in, but it lasted a total of 2 minutes before they were done! So much for that idea to occupy their time!

Chris and Kieran seem to be born performers and love the spotlight. It's interesting to note that both Mike and I liked to perform when we were kids too...although I think that our children have surpassed that comfort level. I still get nervous when speaking in public, although Mike doesn't seem to. However, I've always enjoyed singing or playing musical instruments. Chris and Kieran seem very comfortable in the spotlight and in fact seem to crave it! Chris wrote a song for the talent show and didn't seem nervous at all about performing it. Kieran continues to do his nightly "plays" each evening before bed. We've got them both enrolled in theater classes in the fall!

My big 11-year-old!! Can't believe it...

We celebrated both Nicholas' and Chris' birthdays jointly with family and a few close friends. This past year has totally flown by, and it's amazing to realize that our little surprise baby is almost one already. Parenting certainly sheds additional light on how quickly time passes.

Nicholas had his first taste of cake--he enjoyed it but seems to like ice cream even more. He seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. On his actual birthday, we will be at the beach and returning that evening, so we're not sure how we will celebrate.

First taste of cake: lemonade cake!

His favorite gift so far is his Jane Austen finger puppet doll! Years ago Mike gave me one for Christmas, and Chris has somehow ended up with it. It is his beloved Cookie Monster's "girlfriend"! (Don't ask!) Nicholas adores it, and he's constantly trying to get his hands on it to Chris' chagrin. So I ordered another one off eBay so Nicholas could have his own. He absolutely loves it and even says "Jane"!

My tropical masterpiece!

Kieran went to my parents' house this week for a sleepover, and as he was eating dinner with them, he said out of the blue: "You think I'm the bee's knees, don't you?"

What a funny family we have.

Having fun at Grandma & Grandpa's house with cousin Garrett

Playing the piano--all of my kids love music, but I think this one will be the MOST musical of all three, judging from his reaction to music...

Reading the Simpsons while the little ones play...
the calm eldest statesman of the six boy cousins!

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