Monday, July 30, 2007

Aloha Oe!

Our time in Hawaii is drawing to a close, and I am definitely feeling some ambivalence about returning to the mainland. That is probably more due to the fact that we have left busy Honolulu behind and I'm now on a few days of vacation!

We spent a week in Honolulu. The kids and Mike hung out at the hotel or explored the city during the day while I went into the office. The major purpose of my visit was to hire a new group leader for our Honolulu group. I had a few interviews lined up, but I wasn't feeling very optimistic because our best candidate withdrew a few days before we left for Hawaii. Our HR rep came as well (from Seattle) to assist with interviews. We had one candidate we liked and called back for a second, panel interview...but the rest of the interviews were disappointing. One who wouldn't stop talking, one who was painfully shy and would hardly talk at all, and one who didn't show up and didn't make any attempt to contact us to explain! The second interview was disappointing as well, so by Friday I was feeling that the trip was fruitless...when I got an e-mail from our top candidate, who had accepted another position but was having second thoughts. I met her for lunch, with my outgoing group leader and our office manager, and she is a great candidate! So now I'm crossing my fingers that our continuing conversations will be successful. I was really glad that I was still here on Friday to meet with her.

Mike and the boys enjoyed the pools, beach, and wildlife at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and they also visited the Waikiki Aquarium and the Honolulu Children's Discovery Museum. In the evenings, we had some nice dinners out--at Genki Sushi (revolving sushi bar), Singha Thai, the Shorebird, and the good ol' Ala Moana Hotel food court.

I'll post some more photos and information about the second part of our trip later on...but here are some photos from the first week:

Mike and Nicholas in the pool

Nicholas in the Children's Discovery Museum

Me & Kieran at Singha Thai (Chris was the photographer)

Before dinner at the Shore Bird

Nicholas eating his cheerios

On the beach after dinner

With Lisa (my HR friend) on the beach, with Diamond Head in the background

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