Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Motherhood Is Such an Ego Trip...

My favorite part of the day is when I walk into that front door and know I will be greeted by grinning faces...Kieran often waits for me at the door and shouts "Mommy!!" and Nicholas just sits there and smiles...for a few moments before he commences to whine if I don't rush to pick him up immediately. This is what I come home to:

In no other role in my life have I felt so appreciated and adored on a daily basis. Even if I make a mistake, they forgive me. They think I'm smart, beautiful, and accomplished. They don't think I need to lose a few pounds or a few wrinkles. They think that mommies go out to work to support their families and come home to give hugs and cuddles. They think that daddies are just as nurturing and involved as mommies.

Some people give me sympathetic sighs when I tell them that I have three sons. But I'm immensely grateful that all three of my boys are affectionate, loving, and sweet. They all love books, music, and theater, as well as the requisite sports and physical activity. Even at age 10, Chris still tells us he loves us on a regular basis. That is priceless.

One of the huge benefits of having children--as I was discussing with a coworker the other day who is the father of two young kids--is that they make it so much easier to leave your work behind at the office at the end of the day. They are the reason for the weekend. They make it all worth while...especially given the fact that each one of my boys is a miracle in his own special way.

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