Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Year of Preschool

It's amazing how quickly the past school year has flown by. Kieran started preschool the week after Nicholas was born. We weren't sure how he would adapt to preschool, since he'd never been in day care or away from us much, but we thought he'd get used to it more quickly than Christopher did. We were wrong! It took about the same amount of time for Kieran to get comfortable and really come to love preschool. He took a laminated photo of us every school day, so he could pull it out of his bag and see our faces, just in case he started to miss us.

What a difference 9 months makes! Now Kieran loves his school, looks forward to going, and even has a "girlfriend" or two! On the last day of the school year, the preschool had an outdoor day--complete with horse cart rides, bubbles, and outside crafts. This week he is at "summer camp" every morning.

Kieran has an incredibly active imagination and loves fairy tales. After we recently bought the book Click Clack Moo, he announced that he had come up with three rules: (1) we need to buy a bigger house with a bigger yard because (2) we have to buy a cow...named Zeke (from the Wizard of Oz)...but it's a GIRL cow...and (3) I have to work more because I need to earn more money so we can buy a bigger house. (I didn't bother explaining that it doesn't work that way in my salaried position...)

Then the other day I was talking about his fondness for chickens. Our neighbor keeps chickens, and one of her first chickens, named Omelet, was Kieran's favorite. He called her "Ommy" for short. Unfortunately, Ommy was killed by another neighbor's dog. At any rate, I was asking him how he felt about the fact that we eat chickens. His reply: "Mommy, they're COOKED!" Duh.

Here are some photos of the last day:

Kieran and Mom on the horse cart

With Teacher Sydney

With Teacher Marah

Listening intently to a story

Blowing bubbles

Another sign of how quickly time flies is this little guy--born on Labor Day and now nearly 9 months old! Enjoying the swings at the preschool celebration...
At home, in his his Wicked Witch costume, with painted yellow eyebrows! In his right hand is a bread machine pan...which is being used as his milk bucket for his cow, Zeke.

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