Friday, May 4, 2007

Eight Months Old Already!

As anyone who has had a child realizes, you never really realize how quickly time passes until you have a visual reminder of that fact in front of you. Nicholas is 8 months old today, and it's truly hard to believe it!

He took his first bath with his big brother this week, and they both had a great time! N. is a little water baby; he was splashing in the water and even tried to put his face in it. Maybe he'll take after his oldest brother and become a swimmer. When I said that aloud, Kieran notified me that he himself is definitely NOT a swimmer. (We had him in swimming lessons last year but finally decided to take a break because he wouldn't participate unless Mike was in the pool with him.)
Here are some photos that show how quickly 8 months pass!

In the hospital, a few days old...

First bath together
Enjoying my food!
Nicholas continues to be a sweet little guy with a cheerful disposition. He loves to be cuddled and likes attention. One of his favorite past times is dancing, especially to "Jump Up" by Dan Zanes. He also likes it when his brothers serenade him.
Happy 8-month birthday, little guy!

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