Friday, April 13, 2007

My Easter Bunnies

Our little Easter Bunny! (This is the costume that mortifies older brothers...on Kieran's birthday we all went to see "Happy Feet," and he went in costume, much to Chris' embarassment!)

As if there hadn't been enough excitement for one weekend, the day after the "Wizard of Oz" party was Easter and my dad's birthday. We went to church, went to my parents' house for brunch, came home and had a nap, and returned to Mom & Dad's house to celebrate Dad's birthday. The kids hunted for eggs three times in one day! Talk about sugar overload. Fortunately Mom and Aunty Nadine thought ahead and put money in their eggs.

Fortunately I have one child who likes to dye eggs with me...Kieran is the family artist.

Kieran and his buddy Connie at the church Easter egg hunt...

It's hard to get a good photo with nine people, six of whom are wiggly boys!

Just the five of us...

A VERY rare photo op of the oldest and youngest boys...

Nicholas and two of his adoring cousins on his first Easter!

I love this one! Nicholas and his Aunty Nadine

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