Monday, April 16, 2007

Family Dance Party with Dan Zanes and Friends!

Yesterday our whole family went to our second "Dan Zanes & Friends" concert and had another great time. Here are 10 reasons to discover Dan Zanes, if you haven't already:

1. Every song is foot-stomping, toe-tapping, move-in-your seat or stand-on-your-feet fun and catchy.
2. They use a variety of instruments and musical traditions and are talented musicians.
3. It's high-quality music that doesn't grate on your nerves after awhile (like some other music marketed to children).
4. The band is diverse and even full of women friends (most backup bands are mostly men).
5. They clearly have a blast with this music! And adults love it along with kids.
6. They are not out to make a lot of money. Their concerts, CDs, and other merchandise are affordable. They perform in smaller, local venues where they can see and interact with the audience.
7. They connect to their audience in a very unusual way--they process in and out of the theater singing, and they stay after the concert to sign CDs and chat with their fans.
8. Dan and friends shop at thrift stores--and look cool!
9. It's the only concert I've been to where there is a kids' mosh pit!
10. It's feel-good music and makes us smile!

Chris had Dan and friends sign the "New York" t-shirt he was wearing, along with a CD we bought at the concert.

We'll always be grateful to Laurie, Drew, and Sophie for introducing us to our favorite family band, and we were very sorry that they were unable to join us yesterday at the concert because of the sad death of Laurie's dad.

If you haven't yet discovered Dan Zanes and friends, check them out!

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