Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Suffering Pregnant Pigs--Not for the Faint-Hearted!

Personally, I've not been able to eat much pork ever since dissecting a fetal pig in high school biology. I can eat it if it's heavily spiced or smoked, such as in sausage or bacon, but I am not crazy about ham or pork chops.

Here is a very disturbing article about the living conditions of pregnant pigs. Knowing how uncomfortable it can be to be pregnant, whether human or pig, I couldn't help but be sympathetic to these poor pigs:

Mike and I don't eat red meat, although we have occasionally eaten it at other people's homes when not offered an alternative. Both older boys, though, love their hamburgers! When I was pregnant with Chris, I craved red meat and ate a lot of hamburgers. I then read Fast Food Nation (nonfiction) and My Year of Meats (fiction) and decided I could not continue with that food choice.

The more I read about the living (and dying) conditions of animals in our food chain, the more reasons I have to go vegetarian, or at least eat only fish and free range meat.

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