Thursday, March 15, 2007

The New Wiggle

For those of you with children, you'll most likely have heard that the Wiggles have a new lead singer, Sam. I took Kieran to the Wiggles concert this afternoon and we checked out "Sam" in person. (If you have been sleeping under a rock, the original lead singer, Greg, recently retired because of health problems.)
Fortunately Kieran reminded us beforehand that we had to bring a rose for Dorothy the Dinosaur! I thought I might have some tears when some children also had "bones" to present to Wags, but I distracted him by telling him that next time we would take a bone for Wags.

Kieran sat stockstill and serious throughout the concert, while I was dancing in my seat and humming along to the catchy tunes! That tends to be the way he responds to performances...rapt and absorbing every moment...but I made the mistake of telling them that the Wiggles were to perform another concert at 5:30...of course he begged me to take him to the next performance as well!

And the new Wiggle? He was fine...but he wasn't Greg. Greg has more of a dynamic, magnetic personality and seems more of a natural, and maybe Sam just needs to grow into the role.

The rest of the Wiggles are obviously getting older (as are the rest of us), and somehow I don't think they will be like the Rolling Stones, continuing to perform into their AARP years...Anthony had a moment of appealing to the parents' tastes when he started a riff of "Stairway to Heaven" to great applause!

It was a fun show anyway, and a worthwhile date with my middle child!

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