Friday, March 9, 2007

Lemonade for the Munchkins

Nearly-four-year-old Kieran is a huge Wizard of Oz fan. He's the only preschooler I know who can watch the entire movie without flinching. When I was on my last maternity leave, Mike came home from Blockbuster Video one day with Kieran and Oz in tow. I reacted in horror, asking him whether he realized how scary the movie is. He apparently had never seen anything past the munchkin scene.

During the first few viewings, we had to fast-forward through the witch, grabbing trees, and flying monkeys, but now he loves it all. He is planning a Wizard of Oz birthday party in April, and he's already decreed that he is to be the Wicked Witch of the West; his cousins will be the scarecrow, lion, and tinman; I am to be Glenda; Aunty Nadine will be Dorothy; Daddy and CHris will be soldiers; Baby Nicholas will be Toto; and his beloved Swanson sisters friends will be Miss Gulch and the house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East!

Last weekend I took him to the Children's Museum, where he proceeded to paint his face a deep shade of emerald green, and announced that we could not wash it off until his birthday (on April 9). Somehow I was able to sponge most of it off in the bath that evening, much to his dismay. What a spoilsport I am!

He's also taken to mixing up liquid conconctions by melting Tic-Tacs in water, etc., and announcing that they are for the munchkins. I opened our spice cupboard last week to discover a bottle of water with a spoon in it, which was apparently "lemonade for the munchkins." Yesterday Mike finally threw it out, only to have Kieran inquire about how his lemonade was doing later in the day. When Mike told him that he had drunk it because he was thirsty, the Wicked Witch threw himself on the floor and howled!

I came home last night to discover a bowl of liquid in the bathroom with plastic wrap stretched across the is punch for his cousins...who no doubt will greet it with suspicion, as they should!

I could not dream this stuff up...he is such a crackup!

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